We are grateful to all the people and organisations that provided input during the course of this reference. This includes those who made submissions on our Issues Paper in 2012 and those who participated in the online forums co-ordinated by Scoop and hosted by the current affairs blogsites Public Address, Kiwiblog and Pundit. A list of those from whom we received formal submissions can be found in Appendix B of this report.

We would also like to thank the news media, the Newspaper Publishers’ Association, the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the New Zealand Press Council for their sustained and constructive engagement in this review.

We are especially indebted to Mike O’Donnell, Judge David Harvey, Dr Gavin Ellis, Steven Price, and Martin Cocker for their generous and invaluable contributions to the development of this report.

The project was led by Professor John Burrows and the legal and policy advisers were Cate Honoré Brett, Rachel Hayward and Joanna Hayward.